Corporate Social Responsibility

GoodMakers Films

Our sister company

We love to be part of great projects aiming to make a difference globally. In partnership with our sister company, GoodMakers film we have worked hand in hand to not only fulfill but amplify projects.


‘It’s not where you started but how you finish it that counts.’  With this regard we dedicate a portion of each project to our sister company to help deserving high-school and university students to finish their education

Our team worked with World Action Teams to translate the Ericsson Global Leadership Program into a relatable story that blended with the Tanzanian NGO leaders who also had a rich story to tell.

Southwest Airlines retrofitted 500 airplanes and replaced 84,000 airline seats with new e-leather as  part of their Evolve sustainability program. The challenge was what to do with 43 acres of beautiful leather seats.

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