Welcome to What’s Good Studios!

WGS is the parent company for online entertainment platform, “What’s Good Networks” (home of ‘What’s Good LIVE) and What’s Good Productions. All companies are wholly owned by What’s Good Group Limited.


We embrace change and lean into challenges, which keeps us honest, humble and able to continually adapt to technology and responsive to consumer behavior.

How We Work

We are first and foremost storytellers, with a relentless commitment to finding the very best way to tell a story. Often called ‘Africa Whisperers’- we harness the creativity of experienced filmmakers, writers, directors and media specialists to create dynamic experiences that move consumers into action.


We believe in the power of collaboration and foster a ‘one world’ approach that encourages progressive thinking and a whole-hearted belief that the best ideas can come from anywhere.

Content Development

We start by listening to conversations that consumers are having. Then we create content that makes brands a part of that conversation.

Content Production

We provide a complete turn key solution including offering a range of commercial Directors and full post production capabilities including audio and color correcting suites. Our clients say their favorite thing about coming for project meetings at The Good House is- they can relax in our garden and know that we are handling the details.

We Get It Done

We have a results driven team approach; we surround a client and work tirelessly to solve their problems. We only succeed when our clients do.

Content Strategy

We are guided by media strategists which informs our entire process; from creative development to gauging market timing and knowing when a brand should pivot or make a big leap.